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Greetings From The South

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Hello all,

My name is Craig and I live in North Carolina. Been making canes and sticks for several years, and just recently started marketing them for sale.

This looks like a great site and look forward to sharing ideas, techniques, etc. I tend to stick with non electric methods and use spokeshaves, rasps and files for my sticks. Been having a bit of trouble with photographing my sticks and would like to hear from others regarding techniques to get the best presentation.

Here a few of my recently completed sticks. Critiques welcome.




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Welcome to the site

Good quality work nice finish and they should sell themselves

Presentation is always tricky , i have used small cherry tree to present some of my work but usuallt i just do toppers for hiking poles and most of my stuff goes by word and mouth .

i dont advertise just enjoy doing the odd carving useing both power and hand tools.
Welcome to the site. Great looking pieces!
Glad to have you with us Craig. Great looking canes. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Welcome Craig, nice looking Cardigan handle sticks, well finished
Great looking work. Fine shapes, great display of the quality of the wood.

I suspect canes and sticks are not the easiest thing to photograph w. ordinary cameras. Ideally, one needs equipment that can capture both detail and the whole of the item in 1 shot. My amateur camera is more of an either or. I can get detail, but not for the whole of the stick at once.

Your choice of natural light is good, but on the whole, I'd have to say the backgrounds are too "busy." To much to distract the eye from the canes, which on the whole are elegant and subtle.
Welcome to the forum. Nice looking sticks. Non-electric eh... So pole lathe?
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Thanks all, for the compliments and the advice. Much appreciated. Maybe concentrating more on the handle detail with the photographs is the way to go.
Thanks Sean. No, not even a pole lathe, though I have been thinking about building one. The gents at www.treewright.co.uk use them and have put up plans. Just spokeshaves, handsaws, rasps and a lot of sand paper.
Hello down there and welcome to the forums! :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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