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I just got to thinking about this and it seemed like a good question.

What is your favorite handle or topper shape and why?

So far I'm leaning toward cardigan handles. I like the look of them and they're really comfortable to hold.

Market stick style handles are a close second.


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Agree with you Rodney for a traditional style walking stick (as opposed to Hiking) I prefer the Cardigan style handle, The handle is comfortable as the traditional cross section through the handle is shaped similar to a round nosed kite but with a rounded narrow end vis. - Font Headgear Rectangle Circle Parallel

also the long tail end as well as giving good grip support helps with cane stability when it is hung over the forearm when bothe hands needed.

The stick also lends itself to additional design in that differing colour / materials can be used as end caps on the butt end along with matching spacers at the shank/handle joint, the end caps can also be carved with designs of choice

One of my early ones made from Burr Elm.

Household hardware Wood Material property Composite material Hardwood
Wood Metal Art Handwriting Varnish
Wood Kitchen utensil Hardwood Natural material Varnish

The one I made is done to a market stick length and held the reverse way i.e. butt forward when walking with it , as with a crook.

ps if any overseas members of the forum are interested in the more traditional UK style sticks I can highly recomend the book

Stickmaking a Complete Course by Andrew Jones & Clive George - ISBN 978-1-86108-522-1

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I prefer natural also - and as a cane maker and USER much prefer a SMOOTH surface. I've seen beautiful-to-behold carved handles (dogs/geese/horse heads) that are almost real - but I'd not use. I do my best to make certain that portion of the same is as smooth as possible.

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