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Has been stick carver

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Hello members, my name is Ron and I used to carve walking sticks and canes. Unfortunately, a neuro-muscular disease forced me to give it up. Although I have not carved for over two years, I like to visit Youtube and check out the videos on walking sticks. I was watching Sean's videos and found his link to this forum. (thank you Sean) I am looking forward to visiting the gallery to view all of your work. Since my hands no longer work properly, I won't be doing a lot of posting and commenting. I appreciate you all for sharing your work. Thank you.
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Welcome Ron. You avatar tells me you skills were very good. I look forward you sharing your knowledge as you situation will permit you to. It is alway great to have good feed back on a project. Glad your with us.
Welcome aboard Ron
hi, Ron. I remember you and your rainforest stick and other carvings over on WCI forUm. You did awesome work. Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum Ron.
Welcome, hope you will share your knowledge
Your avatar is a great piece of work.


Thank you all for your words of welcome.

Randy, my avatar is a picture of one of my last walking sticks. I call it the Hawaiian Maiden.

Greg, im pleasantly surprised that you remembered me from the WCI forum and, most especially, my Rain Forest stick.

I will try to contribute to this forum whenever I can and hope to be a supportive member. When I learn how to navigate the forum, I will post some pictures.

your avatar looks very good nice finish well executed
Hi Ron, welcome to the forum. I look forward to learning more about you work.
Welcome Ron. Lovely carving in avatar. Post and comment all you like. You don't have to still carve to contribute.

Hi Sean, I wanted to thank you personally for getting me here to the Walking Stick forum. I subscribe to your Youtube channel and checked back from time to time to watch your new videos. It was there I found the link to the forum.
Welcome Ron T! I too have a disability so I know how things can be sometimes, I haven't been a member long but the amount of help you can get on here is huge. Good luck in your future stickmaking and I hope your pain is controlled. N.
G'day and welcome from Australia!

Any pics available of the rainforest stick?
G'day and welcome from Australia!

Any pics available of the rainforest stick?
Hi Mick, I am planning on doing anew post with pictures very soon. Thanks for asking.
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