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The other guys have given you some good information. Wood turners might be interested in some of the wood as well. I've only made one hazel stick but found the wood to be quite nice to work with.

StickswithDave here on the site has some really good Youtube videos under the name "Woodlandsticks" on harvesting and making hazel walking sticks. They're well worth watching.

Near as I can tell the hazel in the UK tends to grow a bit differently than the stuff we have here. Could just be because of cultivation methods or the lack thereof too though.

As already mentioned sticks with a section of larger branch or root attached that are suitable for one piece cardigan or crook handles are more desirable.

Even though I haven't made many yet i do admire the British style of stickmaking.

One of my favorite books on the subject:


Your local library might have it.

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