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Hello, all.

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Hi folks,

Came across this forum yesterday. I've learned a bunch of stuff already, and have admired a lot of nice work.

I did some wood sculpture years ago, and did some wax modeling for decorative casting more recently. I happened to be hiking during a heat wave a few years ago, and picked up a nice beech stick to help me on my way. I kept it, and fixed it up some. This reminded me how much I enjoyed carving wood, and so I began searching out sticks.

At this point, I spend a few hours a day carving and finishing. Mostly I work in harder woods. Common ones around here are sugar maple, beech, and oak. Altho lighter, I've found sassafras to be quite nice. Both easy to work, but quite rigged. Just got some osage orange. Its been many years since I've worked w. that, and have been immediately reminded of how hard it is. Also, have been trimming back some overgrown yews around my house, and have found out how very beautiful the heartwood is.

Hope to post some pics soon.

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Welcome to the site! I look forward to seeing the pictures!
Welcome to the stick forum. I too would like to see some of your work.
I've picked out a few sticks that I think came out well, and will do some snaps this afternoon. Am I right that I would post them in the gallery section, and use the "attach files" button at the bottom of the message panel?
Welcome to WSF! Looking forward to seeing your pictures!
Can't wait to see some pics, and pick up some carving tips! Welcome aboard!
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