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Hello Everyone, new to site, and a maker of quality staffs

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Good Day All

My name is Walker, and I have been making and carving walking sticks and canes since 2009......I sell my wares on etsy.com and also at various festivals throughout the state of California

I look forward too answering your questions, and concerns to the best of my knowledge.

My website can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/WalkersStics
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Hi! Nice work shown at your site. I see that you have used a bunch of different woods for your spirit. Have a favorite wood? It seems your treatment of the figure varies some from piece to piece. Adapting to the quality of the wood? Or just the feeling of the moment? Both?

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

Thank You for your compliments, I indeed used several types of wood....I have two favorites....Dogwood, and Persimmon...the workability of both is excellent, and both are very strong woods.....My carvings are all freehand, just what I feel at the moment....I can do around ten different styles, and I am also trying to involve into different styles, being able to carve animals, and the female form.....her facial features seem to be very elusive to me, and she seems to always turn out looking like a witch of sorts.

I never knew I was a woodcarver until 2009, when at the age of 49 I had a heart attack, it was massive and was given 10 minutes too live by the emergency room doc, this gift arrived shortly after being released from the hospital....I call it my silver lining from a dark cloudy day.....I treat it as a gift, and I am always told I sell my items way to cheap at the festivals......I tell my buyers I am not here to make monies, just recoop my material costs, and continue on with a hobby I have grown to love.
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Thank You All for the Warm Welcomes
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