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Hello from Arizona

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Greetings I just completed this diamond willow stick and decided to see if I could learn more. I discovered this forum. I was gifted the willow stick five years ago and it took this long for me to attempt to carve it. I was in mortal fear of ruining my only piece of Diamond Willow. I would like to make more sticks but diamond Willow does not seem to grow in the desert. Perhaps you fine folks can show me some alternatives. I truly enjoyed doing this one. Joint Shoulder Leg Human body Wood


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Welcome aboard! Wish I could carve like that. Maybe this year I'll have the time to learn.

Have fun out in AZ, and good luck finding some decent material to work with. Watch out for those rattlers when you're focusing on the wood! ;-)
I think that's the Gila River. most of the rivers out there are dry until it rains. Check with tree services company's the Phoenix area. Tell them your a wood carver and looking for sticks. Some times they will tell you when they are taking down a tree and you can go and get some wood. But your right around Buckeye it is slim pickings. Treeline wood carvers store Utah is a good outfit and the sell sticks.
Great suggestion! Two winters ago, an ice storm was the final blow for a beech tree down the street. The crew had a huge pile of wood along the curb about to be loaded and hauled off. I asked the homeowner if I could cut a stick, and she said of course. I ran home to get my pruning saw.

Now my favorite stout stick / shelelagh for those hikes where dangerous dogs or wildlife might be encountered is from that tree. Remember pugil stick training? I was undefeated. Even at my age I feel secure in any environment with that stick.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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