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Hello From California!

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Been browising around the forum and I'm loving it thusfar! Found my way here by way of Bushcraft USA. I find a good stout stick to be one of the most important pieces of gear.
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Welcome aboard! My son is in San Francisco and he and his wife or buds go hiking every few weeks. He wants a really stout stick to fend off whatever kind of cats he might encounter in some areas. I have one curing now that he picked out of the collection in my garage.

I learn more every week, although I am still new at this.
Hi, and thanks for mentioning the Bushcraft site. Lots of threads w. good info. I see there's even one on carving woodspirits.

While I'm only good for about 2.5 miles anymore before my knees give me grief, I still love to just head into the woods and fields where the most open path is usually just a deer trace. A good stick was always helpful for this, and now its a must.

Bushcraft USA has a lot of useful threads about hiking sticks.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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