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Hard Maple stick with Antler, Bushcraft convex blade with birds eye maple scales. :)

Hello there, Happy to be here.

I really enjoy working with wood, making walking sticks, and other woodsy things like knives, slingshots, paddles, and leather work. Love fly fishing and fly tying.

My favorite wood is cooppice or sucker hard or sugar maple. It is mostly spring wood, giving it good elasticity, and cures hard. I use a stick daily wwalking with my dogs. I see the stick as moe of a tending stick like a sheep or goat herder uses. Not to strike with but to direct with.

I usually pin and epoxy antler pommels and antler tips.

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Welcome. Both beautiful pieces. Favorite knives for me are bushcraft. Don't have anything as nice as your customs but I have a few mora knives, really like those.

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