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Hello From Lincolnshire

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Good Morning All,

Firstly I would like to say hello to all on this forum, I have been playing about over the last 5 years or so making walking sticks from mainly hazel shanks, giving them away to family and friends, and even leaving some as suprise gifts at various woods and pathways in the local area for walkers. They are nothing special simply cut to length straight shanks some with ferrules, hand straps and some left as nature intended. I would like to hopefully learn how to straighten the shanks and make them more refined and less rustic :) with a view to maybe selling some as a part time hobby, though it looks like it will be a long while to catch up with the workmanship here, hence the reason I have joined this great looking forum, thanks in advance for any help / info in the near future.


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welcome to the forum

there are some videos on stick straightening its not difficult have a look at stickies post he does have some good info on there

I just use a heat gun for straightening shanks when its just the odd one its very quick just be careful not to scotching it you don't need anything fancy to do it .ther is plenty here just search the post

I am from Lincolnshire , there's is a a stickmaking workshop being held this weekend (11th September) at Christ hospital school Wragby road Lincoln. post code LN2 4PN.

Also being held on the 23rd Oct, and 11th Dec.

A social meeting will also be held on 6th Nov.at the golf hotel ,Broadway, Woodall Spa. post code ln10 65g

There are a a few well known stickmakers attending it one of which is the british champion all of them are very helpful and have a lot of experience
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