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Greetings to all! I'm from northern Minnesota and I recently became interested in collecting diamond willow sticks. I keep my eyes open for good sticks as I walk my dog and there's so much willow around here that I've collected about 130 sticks in the last 3 months or so. They are peeled and drying as I impatiently wait for the opportunity to sand and varnish them.

I'm here to learn all I can about the process from harvesting to peeling to drying to sanding to varnishing, etc. I may be interested in selling sticks one day, but for now it's just a fascinating and convenient hobby for me. I think it's like Christmas and Easter. Finding the sticks is like an Easter egg hunt and peeling the sticks is like opening a present to see what surprises are inside.

It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to learning from you.
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