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Welcome aboard Ryan! I see that you learned to "improvise, adapt, and overcome." Like you, I've been hooked, although I was down most of last year with health issues. I'm now ready to begin again this summer. I've done them for my grandkids, my kids and their spouses, my siblings and their spouses, and an old Marine who was declining with cancer. He used his for a couple of years before he passed away a week ago.

One of my favorite "ferrules" or stick tips for veterans are .50 cal. dummy rounds that I found online. The conical tip of the round is itself durable and good for trails, but not so good for indoors or streets. It can be sawed off a bit with a hacksaw to permit the cementing of a threaded insert to accommodate a variety of tips. A bit eccentric I know, but a good conversation piece.

Welcome home and Semper Fi

P.S. My maternal grandmother was a Buchanan, from a clan that resided in east Texas and southeast Oklahoma.

Also, the ship Buchanan provided outstanding NGF support for Marines and Allies at Alpha-2 northwest of Dong Ha during the Easter Offensive in 1972. (Of course, no U.S. forces were in I-Corps in 1972 according to official sources at the time.) I have a number of friends who were there, but I was discharged in 1969 and back to school.
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