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Hi my name is Ryan i am a 30 year old 100 percent disabled army vet with a lot of extra time on my hands. I walk with a cane for two reasons, i have a realy bad back due to a helicopter crash and i have a rare form of brain cancer that forms on scar tissue and it affects my balance. please forgive any misspelled words or in proper writing due to my injury i had to re-learn a lot of simple task. any way enough about my sob story that is not why i am hear.

I have recently falling in love with the art of making walking sticks so far i have only completed one that i made out of a crepe myrtle branch that i cut a year or so ago from a tree in my yard. it is very simple and im not all that good at carving YET!! i plan to practice a lot so that i may make some beautiful canes to give to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms that need one so im needing tips and tricks if any of you have any also im looking for a place on the internet that i can purchase rubber ends and even pre made handles with out braking the bank any suggestions on that would be great. also if you your self are a veteran or you know someone that is and they are looking for a cane or waking stick it would be my pleasure to make one for you/them.

this is my first attempt please give me your feed back about it but please be kind i take constructive criticism well


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