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Hello MagGeorge here...

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Hello! Just checked the site and it amazes me the wonderful pieces talented people make here :bow: . I am just a wood lover and a hobbyist, would love to learn more about all the possibilities each can create from wood. I have a regular day job and seeing beautiful projects made of wood really relaxes me. I am still very new on the woodworking community and I am really trying hard to learn and try to make something out of my hands. I think that a walking stick will be a good start and want to make one for my dad. This will serve as my inspiration to try new things and develop skills. Good luck to me... :)
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Welcome to the site! I agree, there are some people here with amazing talent!
Welcome! There are plenty of helpful people as well as talented, so ask away. Walking sticks are just as relaxing to make as they are to look at.
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