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Help identifying tree specie

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At present this approx 44" long stick is F.O.G. - found on ground. But there are two distinctive features that may help some expert here help me identify the tree specie a) the bark of the branch is quite smooth, yet has splotches/spots of a lighter color and B) the branch "rings" are in a floral pattern.

I've been doing wood working for more than 30 years and this is a first for me.

Any hints?



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Any chance of a pic of the tree or leaves if any left lying around?
Tough to tell from the pics.

Could be silver maple. Blotchy colored bark is a common characteristic of the species.

As Sean said pics of the trees in the area or leaves lying on the ground could give a clue.
My brother sent me a box of sticks from his 50 acre wooded property in the hills of TN. He had no clue as to the specie nor is there any way now to establish. I was hoping someone here might have recognized.

It certainly has some unusual growth rings on it
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