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Help needed to solve mystery walking stick, please

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Hi there,

I have a nice old walking stick and absolutely puzzled what it can be.

At first sight looks normal, when you lift it it is very heavy.

On the handle you can read STYRIA and on the tip 0 , 69 . When we take off the handle we found 5 iron tubes inside the cane as you can see on the photos. All of them fits inside one another.

If someone could solve this mystery I would really appreciate it.

Have a nice evening,



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Very nice stick!

I'm not certain what that one would have been used for. It wasn't uncommon in the old days for professionals to have canes that related to their fields. They're known as system or gadget canes.

These guys carry a good selection of antique canes. They might be able to help with the ID.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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