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Help with editing photo needed.

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I am not the sharpest pencle in the box when it comes to computers. I have look at every thing on this site I could think of for directions on editing photo when it post side ways it did not appear to down load that way before I posted it. When I look for edit it was not there? Old and confussed!
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I am not the only one struggling with the edit .It seems when you delte a pic then try to add a different one thats when the problem starts? you cant tell its done or where its put?

not old just confused
I have not tried to modify any image after uploading.

Using a Mac, here's my routine.

Take the pic and transfer from camera to computer. The image manipulation software that came with the camera is limited, and quite clumsy, so I don't use it. The Mac comes with an application called "Preview," which is can easily do simple manipulation. Rotate, flip, crop, resize, rudimentary color correction, save in various image formats. I also have have Photoshop Elements, and a couple of free-ware editors. I haven't used a Windows machine in some years, but I know there were several free of very inexpensive image processing programs out there.

Conceivably, there are online image manipulators also, I've not looked.

Usually I crop the image, and save it in a smaller size to make the file quicker for transfer. Then I save to the "desktop."

The I hit the "more reply option" button. Click on "Choose files..." from the Attach Files panel. Navigate thru the file requestor to the "desktop," if it is not already at that directory, and click on the desired image(s). When uploaded, click on the "Add to post" that is the option to the right of the upload thumbnail that shows up in the Attach Files pane. The image is inserted after the cursor.

Coat Flash photography Standing Gesture Style

Then "Add Reply."

I don't see that there are any options to edit the image within the forum post editor.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks dgenby, I hand done size reduction and rotated the picture in the computer. The finish cedar stick photo is the only picture that has been an issue. Other forums I visit have a edit that will let you correct you photos. You can correct picture direction in this forums gallery but it does not appear you can after a post.
Its not the editing on the photos icant do ,although not brilliant at it .Its the on line edit here thats a problem when you delet a photo in edit and try to add a new one it dosnt have any ref. to the image you post so never sure what or where it shows
Well it would seem it depends what you are using to look at the picture. I started this post because I looked at the down loaded picture on my ipad and the photo was on it side. But just opened my computer and the picture is fine. I do wish there were some direction on how to use the this forums options. Or did I just miss them ?
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