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The central Gulf coast has seen some of the biggest hurricane to hit the US. Camille, Fredric, Ivan, George and Katrina. Camille was the biggest. Camille came ashore cat 5, 185 to 190 winds. It is much like combat, you can't know what it is really like unless you have experienced its reality. My wife has been here for them all. I have been here for 3 of them. If you can help those who have been hit just send money, gift cards, can goods that can be eaten out of the can or basic personal care packages. The best meaning people send all kind of thing that are of little or no use in the first weeks. Resources are needed to deal with useless gifts that could be helping with real needs. Use the Red Cross or donate though you church or Salvation Army. You cannot believe the low life's that come out of their holes to rip off those in need and take advantage of those who are trying to help .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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