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Here are a few I've made over the years.

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Here are a few of my walking sticks and canes. I enjoy heading out in the forests local to area and I'm always

looking for odd shaped sticks, natural bends in wood that would work for use as a cane and some I just piece

together to make them more functional.


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Here are a few more I've done and put on youtube.

Lookin' great! I hope to get out tomorrow to find material for my first attempt.
Thanks guys. A lot of the fun is in looking. :)
nice sticks sean
Thanks John. :)
Very nice, especially the corkscrew one..
Thanks Deb. That one I found in a pile of cedar hedge trimmings dumped out in the woods just to the side of an old road. I almost

missed it but once pulled from the wreckage there looked to be some potential for it. :)
Great advice.... "Try a little corner when staining to see if it takes"
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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