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Hey from PA

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Hello everyone from NW PA! I'm retired from the US Navy after 27 years on submarines. Retirement plus disability let me fully retire, and the two hip replacements just prior to retiring make me appreciate using something for stability when I'm not on perfectly even ground.

I'm going to post in the homemade walking sticks area after this, but basically I found a nice stick when my wife and son talked me into going to see a waterfall up a trail, and I needed help getting back down. I kept the stick and just wanted to try to figure out how to preserve it so it didn't rot. In my search I stumbled upon this forum, and used the information I found here to make my first stick.

My background is in electronics, with zero woodworking or basically any mechanical skills at all. I can't carve and have little to no artistic talent. I had expected my first attempt to be a total disaster, but I think it turned out nicely. So, now I have almost a dozen sticks I collected from the woods behind my house, just sitting in the basement for the next year or so...
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Welcome Beast. I would have suffered mass claustrophobia in a submarine so I salute you for your fortitude and stamina.
Here we have creations of precision intricate carved canes, to natural crooked wood
walking and hiking sticks, and everything in between which makes this place a great go-to site for those within the craft. Enjoy!
Okay, this entire thing is pure evil. I just wanted to keep a stick to help me get around. Now I have makeshift drying racks on my pegboard with 15 sticks so far, and a wife asking me if I'm trying to turn my work room into a forest.
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There are times when I think we should change the name of this forum to Walkingstick Makers Anonymous.

With the opposite goal, of course. Facilitating the making rather than ending.
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Okay, update on my new addiction, is it too late for me?:

Wood Road surface Rectangle Asphalt Wire
Wood Yellow Plant Electrical wiring Gas
Wood Lighting Beam Tints and shades Ceiling
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Looks like you've found some beauties, there, Beast! Especially the one sort of mid-pile with the light horizontal stripes on dark bark. I'd take the time to straighten that one and add a really nice handle to it. A lot of potential for that one to be a real beauty.

I was a vendor for a snack food company for a lot of years which had the line "Once you pop, you can't stop." as their motto. Walking sticks are a lot like that.
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