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Hey You Guys!

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Hi Fellas,

Just thought that I would introduce oneself. My name is Neil, I am 45 years old, registered disabled but used to work in the Steel Industry, I can only work on my sticks when my body allows me so I do not do this as a business. I enjoy stick making, I am not very good at it but I REALLY enjoy myself having a go and that, for me, is what matters. Regards. N.
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Welcome! The enjoyment is what matters. I don't think anyone is getting rich at making these anyway!
Welcome to the forum.
Hello, and welcome,

Its a great hobby, and not too taxing.

Get a carving glove, or at least some finger protectors. A shop apron, or something that might hinder a slipped knife or dropped tool. I have a magnifying visor, as my eyes aren't so keen anymore if the light isn't really bright, such as direct sun light.

I see more and more guys carrying and using sticks and canes, but for every one that is hand made, there are probably 20 mass produced cheeps. Hard to make much $ from the work, but it is very edifying when someone complements a piece, or a friend asks for 1.
Welcome to the site Neil. No limits to what can be done with sticks. We saw a walking stick at a carving show had a tree house for the top.
Welcome! Enjoyment is the name of the game. When it becomes NOT enjoyable, it's called work. :)

Don't worry about 'good' just show off what you do!

Welcome Neil! Good, bad, indifferent. It doesn't matter. Enjoying yourself while you work on them does. Stick making is a great hobby. It doesn't take a lot of space or money tied up in tools to produce a good stick.

welcome to the site

You will find a wide range of styles and ideas here not everyone agrees but in a very friendly manner

but be warned its addictive and you right you couldn't make a living at it

Theres only one rule to remember that is there are no rules. its just a bit of fun

you can spend as little or as much as you want to trouble is boys toys thing the more you have the more you think you need
Welcome To the forum Neil. All good advice given above. Stick making for me is all about the journey.

Thanks to all for your welcome, I really appreciate all of your words of encouragement. I also forgot to mention that I am from a county in the UK called South Yorkshire. I love my area, I live in a semi rural village and have access to some excellent woods (Hazel, Ash, Sycamore, Birch and Blackthorn which seems to be the most sought after over here.) Thanks again fellas, I look forward to more interaction soon. N.
There are a lot of stickmakers in Yorkshire so there should be a stikmakers club around you.

Your pretty lucky to have access to al those varieties of woods i just seem to have access to hazel.which i harvest myself.

There is a lot more variety in english style of stickmaking with more attention paid to either one piece sticks market sticks and carved toppers .Rams and water buffalo horn thumbsticks are very popular with carved dogs and wild fowl being popular
Hi Neil,

Welcome to the Forum. I agree, it is the enjoyment that is at the heart of stick making for me too. Look forward to your sharing.
Hi Neil, I see you joined just a few days before I did so thank you for your welcome and a hearty welcome to the forum from me. I see you're a young man so you have a great start to becoming a terrific stick maker. Good luck with your endeavors and please do not hesitate to call on me. I will be happy to help you in whatever way I can.
G'day and welcome from Australia!

I have been to Yorkshire a couple of times and loved it.
I am biased but it's known (probably just by Yorkshire folk) as God's own county! Thanks. N.
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