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hi all newby to the site and g/day from australia

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hi I am in Australia and like the look of the site and the interesting posts
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And a g/day to you too.

Where I live, I'm seeing more walking sticks, etc. Many of them are obviously being used by people who need them for health reasons (an aging population). Others, most likely for a bit of self-defense. But I do see one ore two a week that appear hand made, and have some style. Anything similar where you are?
Welcome aboard, Shane. I'm looking forward to seeing how its done downunder.
thanks for the welcome everyone still cant find anyone who can read the text on the side anyone have a Javanese friend
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Welcome. I'm from Albion Park NSW. Would love to hear what you are doing stick wise.
fireieooo what do you have in mind is it for sale well a quick up date the righting on it is very old Javanese its been dated to 1700s it is sand moulded 70%silver tin and and mixed metals and it reads my we walk together in harmony on one side other side reals we shell walk tall any way that's it

Welcome to the site
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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