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Hi I'm new....

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Hi-- I'm new to whole hobby. Hope i can learn. So far its been rough...lol. I get all excited to start customizing a stick so I go out into the woods and all the leaves are gone...kinda tough on the ID thing if your not good with bark ID !!! So I find this nice "stick" and now I have to wait a year for it to dry?? !!! LOL...all kidding aside this looks like fun and being a veteran of other forums of other hobbies I look forward to the comradory. (expect a bunch of questions from me in the general question forums !!! Thanks from Downstate New York.....Glenn
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The forum is fairly new too, but it is steadily growing. Already, I can find someone to show me how to do about anything I need to do.

Welcome aboard!
I say jump on it if you are ready Glenn, what do you have to lose? They make more sticks :) I have several sticks that have faired the drying transition fairly well after carving green. Post a pic of your stick and maybe we can advise on type and stratagey.

Oh and Welcome!
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