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Hi There

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Hi There!

My name is Adam Brose and i am from Canada. I am new to this site and here i am wanted to share my experience about the Nordixx Pole Walking in Canada.


Adam Brose
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Hi, Adam, and welcome,

Bunch of questions.

The poles seem to be very well thought out. I really like the snow basket accessory and the pole tips that look like little rubber shoes. Do the pole tips pivot?

What kinds of places have you used the pole sets? Dirt or gravel trails? Paved? How does the workout compare to cycling? Where I live, north central Indiana, US, the city has spent quite a lot of money setting up paved trails that are shared between walkers and cyclists. Personally, I like walking on the earth, and not having to step aside for someone zipping along on a 10-speed. I'm committed to plain old wooden sticks, and poking along, but I'm sure many people might like to start trekking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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