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Hiking stick Medalions

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Anyone use Hiking Stick Medallions on your sticks to designate places you've hiked?
It's an old tradition -- but many locations sell them to hikers.
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I have seen them in National Park gift shops, but that was before I became a rabologist! :rolleyes:
I hear you! I didn't get into it right away -- but I have ordered Meddalions on line for places I have already hiked to catch me up.
I have not used the location medallions but have used some of the military and animal medallions Treeline sells.
I've used a few from Treelineusa as well! NRA, USN etc...
CV3 --- I've ordered quit a few from here http://hikeamerica.com/
I have seen badges on sticks and would like to use them for the places I have been to in UK. I have no idea how to get them. Can any of our UK mates tell me? Are they available for towns or just walking locations????
eBay has quite a few -- http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=walking+stick+badges
Thes stick adornment badges/shields are commonly sold in gift shops in towns and villages in the main tourist
areas, throught the UK especially in the Yorkshire Dale and the Lake District, good selections on ebay.co.uk.
One or two mw]embers of our stick club embelish sticks with old coins,medallions, charms as used on bracelets etc
by carving a hole in the shank or handle and cold casting them in with clear resin.
Cow Horn handles are used a lot with all the previously mentioned or photographs of loved ones or pets. Items inset this way
can be done with coloured glitter firt,s allowed to set then a coin or simillar set above the coloured base to give a striking effect
when finished, finishing with a domed top acts like a magnifyer for more clarity.
Mostly what I'm doing is working on my own personal hiking stick with places I've hiked -- kind of like badges of accomplishment.

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I recently purchased a couple of medallions on Ebay from this discussion. One was from Hay-on-Wye (we walked the Hay Bluffs) and the other from Shrewsbury where we walked the battlefield. I'm keeping my eye out for more. Thanks for the thread, Rad.
Your welcome -- I'm finding it fun to do, and one day when I'm not able to hike any more, I'll have the stick to remind me where I've been!
An alternative to walking stick badges might be pin badges. Remove the pin and lugs. This site has a heap of good stuff. I went walking on Lunga in the Treshnish Isles and found a badge here. For town badges simply search "town".

I've used pins before as well -- usually I inset those because they won't lay flat.
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