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How to drill perpendicular to end of stick ?

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New to this forum, and to learning how to make walking/hiking sticks.

A question I have is :

How do you drill straight, perpendicular "end-on" holes into the end of a curvy stick ( not a perfect dowel).

I'm trying to drill into the ends of a rather tall hiking staff , which is taller than the florr mounted Drill press I have.

I've been looking at plans on how to build a horozontal drill/boring jig, and playing around with the idea of getting 2 x-y cross-slide vise to hold the top and bottom ends of the stick , to be able to adjust the alignment to a drill. Then looked at mounting my unimat with drill configuration mounted on the lathe bed, to be able to move the drill head. Other thoughts are to find one of those jigs that allows you to strap in an ordinary hand drill to "create" a cheap drill press....but still the problem of either moving the drill to drill into the stick, or vice-versa, moving the entire long jig holding the stick.

How do you all do the end-on perpendicular drilling ?
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If you feel you must have a horizontal boring machine a used ShopSmith is a cheap way to have one. I just drill the best I can by eye. If things are a little off (likely) I ream the hole out until things line up and use epoxy to glue things together. It fills any gaps and makes a good strong joint.

Instead of squeezing the edges, squeeze the flat portions instead. I'd make a simple clamp out of a couple flat pieces of wood and a couple bolts. Sandwich the horn or bone between the two boards then drill.

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