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I started these three around the beginning of the year and then set them aside as more pressing things came up.

First is a little natural oak handled cane. This style is how I started making canes and I still enjoy making them.

Plant Botany Wood Vegetation Grass
Plant Grass Groundcover Shrub Natural landscape

This one is a sort of cross between a Derby and a Fritz. There's some overlap between the styles depending on the maker but Derbies tend to be more curvy and Fritzes tend to be straighter and more squared of on the ends.

Musical instrument Plant Botany Grass Terrestrial plant
Plant Grass Cross Terrestrial plant Groundcover

This last one is one of my market stick canes. I like working with dead oak branches when I can find them straight and solid enough. The handle was cut from next to a big bark inclusion in a maple crotch. You would never know to look at them but the Fritz/Derby above it was cut from the other side of the same piece of wood.

Plant Musical instrument Wood Grass Lawn ornament
Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Tree Wood
Wood Grass Fawn Plant Sculpture


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Beautiful work, Rodney! The market stick's grain in that last shot can only be described as "exquisite." I love the way that branch stub kind of accentuates the curve of the handle, too.
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