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I'm thinking cane?

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My son found this sapling growing down in my side yard by a runoff creek. There's a little hill leading down, this was growing on the side of the hill, with the bottom section formed by both the slope of the hill and a few rocks buried in the ground there. I'm thinking it is screaming CANE at me. With the rule of 1 year per inch for seasoning, would I probably need to season the whole thing based on the width of what will become the handle?

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Now THAT is my kind of stick blank! What a beauty!

Yeah, I'd give it at least a year, maybe 18 months due to the thickness of the root. I like to store them root end up, though I'm not sure it makes a difference.

I can see that one ending up very similar to the stick I use for walking the woods.
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Those are the kind of canes and walking sticks have such a unique character. One of a kind! I look forward to the finished product.(y)
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