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Innovative and Contempoarary Walking Stick Design IQStick hits the market

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It is really great to find a forum that showcases the wealth of talent and imagination and intricate design and craftsmanship that make walking sticks different.

You may be interested in our new take on the walking stick, an ultra modern and contemporary design called the IQ Stick.

The IQ stick is designed with both young and old in mind and is made from super-strong lightweight materials, including carbon fibre.

Height adjustable, the IQ Stick stands alone, and has a 90 degree range of correction, which prevents it from falling over when tapped accidentally.

The tap of a toe is all that is required in the event of it being knocked over completely, reducing the risk of falls.

The non-slip base is neat and designed in such a way that it does not hook or catch on anything.

The handle glows in the dark for up to eight hours for easy location. There is a video on our site if you would like to see how it works.



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Sorry find it ugly , and why would you want it to glow in the dark

No charactare , much rather see a home made one .but in all fairness suppose you would need a customer review and not a sales pitch
We make hand-crafted, artistically-oriented walking sticks. Your product isn't really part of that world, but good luck with your business. I doubt many people from WSF will be buying your product, but you might have better luck if you aimed your advertising toward hospitals, nursing home operating companies, geriatric medicine providers, physical therapy providers, etc.
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Room for all here. It is an interesting concept. I can see its value. What is your target market? It is very utilitarian for those who need a stable easy to reach and use device. I could see grandkids thinking it was for T-ball (baseball for tikes where the ball sits on a pole to be hit) maybe we could help with aesthetics.
post like this shouldnt be here ,at best it should be placed in of topics.

its really hand crafted items most of us are interested in.

and this is pure advertisment without contirbuting to the forum
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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