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I am inspired by the Slingshot Forum, and by a walking stick that a Marine made for me (in my Gallery - My First Walking Stick). I hope to have some free weekends for finding some rough material. I don't and won't have a lathe or lots of tools, because we have downsized twice since our children grew up. But I learned from the Slingshot Forum that you can have fun with minimal gear, in my instance only some rasps, sandpaper, and a drill press.
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Welcome to WSF, CAS.

Nice looking stuff in your gallery so far! Nice thing about walking sticks is nature has taken care of the lathe problem. :)
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I spent an hour on Turkey Mountain this morning. I need more time. I came back with two slingshot forks but I didn't spot a good candidate for a walking stick. Hopefully I can break away for an hour tomorrow to try again.
Good luck!
Yeah, I hope you find something to your liking!
Thanks guys. It will have to be next weekend. Much needed light rain all night and still sprinkling intermittently, but at least it's above freezing!
Welcome along...it looks like we are all new
Welcome along...it looks like we are all new
Yep! This is a brand-new site!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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