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I've Been Busy

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I have been busy, but not at making walking sticks. Electrical problem with our distiller and the golf cart needed new batteries. The gas oven quit and thanks to OSHA, an electric switch activated by a mercury filled tube is now obsolete (mercury is dangerous, they say). The main burner valve is also obsolete since you cannot operate it (safely) without the mercury switch. I had to get the front suspension tie rods replaced on my pickup truck ad buy two new tires.

The good news is I have been wanting to try to make a new knife using a worn out Sawzall blade and inlay a piece of turquoise into the end of deer antler handle, and I got that done.

The first knife I made and inset 2 pieces of turquoise was very difficult and time consuming. When i made it, I ground down a stone and then used a milling machine to cut a shallow hole to fit the stone. I dawned on me that it might be easier to drill the hole first and then dress the stone to fit the hole. That worked great and making the complete knife took only about one hour.

The reason I am mentioning that here is that the same thing could be done on a walking stick. I am attaching photos of the Sawzall bladed knife. Hope this helps someone.

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Rectangle Automotive lighting Tints and shades Font Electric blue
........... Jaw Wood Terrestrial plant Metal Slip joint pliers

Wood Knife Tool Blade Wood stain
........... Wood Knife Blade Metal Dagger

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Nice looking knife Graydog. Well done. I have a friend that makes his own carving knives from jig saw blades
Very nice work graydog!!
Thanks CV3 & MJC4. That knife was really easy to make. I will be saving all my old Sawzall blades from now on.
I like the presentation of your work flow. Old blade ... antler section ....etc.

Quick question. What adhesive did you use to inset the stone?

Speaking of mercury, when I was a kid, a friend's dad worked for the phone company, and had a small electric shop in his garage. He had a bottle of mercury, maybe 10 pounds worth. My friend would hand out small bottles of it, and we would slosh the stuff around in our hands. Some of mine slithered thru the cracks in our bath room floor. Couldn't have been good, but then again, we were breathing fumes from leaded gasoline, and living on the same continent where open air nuke tests were going on. Oh, and the radium painted wrist watch dials. And playing in the DDT fog when the mosquito suppression truck came around. Ah, the good old days.
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Yes very nice knife.
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