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I've made a 1/1 prop of Moses's Staff from "The Prince of Egypt"

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I've always wanted to make an almost perfect replica of Moses' holy staff, but my project has always been postponed since I couldn't find a natural branch with the exact shape and characteristics.

All changed when I found this young Japanese oak, and after 5 months of work it's finally complete.

The staff is 193cm long like in the movie, but unfortunately it seems like it still can't part the sea or transform into a snake!

P.S.I've made also another similar staff (last picture) from a more robust branch to test how well the paint would work before starting the final project.


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Very nicely done, Keijo! I'd say that was pretty darn close to a perfect replica. One of the first staffs I did many years ago was based on a drawing of Gandalf. Fast forward 30 years and I sold 2 replicas of Yoda's cane.
i just love walking sticks with a bit of shape to them like the one you have done here

as you see to many dead straight walking stick looking all the same

with just a different handle on them so they don't look the same
Thank you guys!

Glad you liked my work!
Hi Keijo 👋
That's a REAL talent you've got there 🙂👍
That stick is truly an INCREDIBLE masterpiece of work and it's truly amazing and also blew me away when I first saw it since I love The Prince of Egypt and the whole entire movie is really sensational just like your stick 😉
Was also wondering ever since that IF you were to sell it what would be a reasonable price for it (just saying)
Well done and keep up the good work!
yes, very nicely done, young man - nicely done indeed !!
If I were to make one, I would have to cut it out of a wooden board with a saw and shape it with power tools.
To find one in the wild is just plain remarkable.
Such a cool idea, and an absolutely stunning likeness! Looks extremely functional and well made too. Its crooks are in exactly the right places and it has the same character and personality as the one in the movie. Excellent work! One of my favorite movies growing up and still to this day.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts