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joined back in April

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nice to have found a site dedicated to walking sticks. I do carve all sorts of stuff but walking sticks and canes are tops on my list of things to carve. I also belong to NEWC (New England Wood Carvers Club) southeast chapter in Randolph Ma.

looking forward to learning and sharing ideas



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Welcome to the Forum. I like the weave you put into the beard on you wood spirit.
I hope you enjoy the forum. Last year I joined the Eastern Oklahoma Woodcarvers Association (EOWA) to learn more, but some issues have prevented me from participating much. I hope to later on this summer.

I attended their second trade show a few weeks ago, and picked up some more "diamond" willow to use for sticks for family members. Last year's willow made one of my favorite sticks that my daughter in law now uses.

I'm not too interested in carving the same things that you see a thousand variations of at the trade shows, but I am interested in learning those same techniques just to do my own thing.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome! How many members in your club? (always curious)
Thanks for the comments.
When I first joined the NEWC Randolph club there was up to 30 members. 6 yrs later due to several reasons, folks moving, shifts changing at work etc etc were down to half that.
The NEWC does meet once a month with several guest carvers, with carve along and demonstrations.
welcomr to the site

the nose and cheeks of the wood spirit are good and the beard reminds me of a celtic knot nice one

carvers associations are difficult to find where ever you are even on line ones .thats one of the reasone that this site is good .The format and members are pretty good and always willing to share experiance and theres always a different idea ,it dosnt matter if you dont agree with it ,it all helps you approch to stickmaking/carving
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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