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It is not the sheltering in pace that bothers me. It is being told to. I am retired and spend most of my days in my small workshop in the back yard. I get out just a few hours a week to run errands and meet with friends now and then and I never feel cooped up. But being required to stay in my yard, even if it is by circumstance rather than a gate or guard is very aggravating. I do not like the loss of freedom of movement although I know it is in my best interest to make that choice. I struggle with my need to take control rather than using the common sense the good Lord blest me with to be prudent in my choices. For now there aren't any real answers for the foreseeable future to the current situation we all find ourselves dealing with. What relief I have found has been in reach out to friends and family by phone and on the computer. While it would be wrong not keep up with what is happening, watching the never ending doomsday press may make me sicker than the virus. I limit my exposure it also by limiting myself too no more than local news twice a day. We can argue the reasons why but the truth is the world was caught flat footed. And it will take time to mount a workable response. If you have ever been in combat and had to wait for a response by others to help you out you know what is means to adapted and over come. You do the best you can with what you have and help others when you can. That is the only chance you have to still be standing when help arrives.
God Bless and Simper Fi.
An Old Marine
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