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kebbie stick

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My name is Jim. I make hand carved,hardwood, walking sticks. Because Of my Scottish heritage I have become interested in
kebbie sticks. Can anyone tell me what woods were used in making them & if the traditional methods of making them differed from the making of a shillelagh? Beyond the hooked handle of course.
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Like the shillelagh they would be the wood that was avalible. The black thorn stick with the ball type top became the accepted shillelagh mostly because it is a stong heave wood that made a good fighting stick the name comes because at first the woods used mostly came from the Shillelagh Forrest. I look though the web and some books I have and the only discrition of a kebbie stick is " kebbie in British English. (ˈkɛbɪ). noun. Scottish archaic. a walking stick with a hooked end; shepherd's crook. " Collins English Dictionary. In Britain there are many woods that are used for a sheherds hook stick.
A book you may fine helpful is"Stick Making a Complete Course" by Andrew Jones and Clive George.
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One of the traditional ways they made a crook or shepherds hook.
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Dww2, No disagreements. I was just going by the definition I posted. I could not find any thing that with a specfic picture or description.
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According to John Hurley's book on shillelagh making, the stick was rubbed with butter or lard and put into a chimney to dry. The manure pile was soft moist heat used in the straightening process, like a steam box, This was a finishing step.
I have not read that book. Looked it up and orderd it. I looks like a good book to have. I want to do more natural sticks and cane. Thanks for sharing.
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