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I would encourage caution when using dunnage. Lumber that is used on trucks, ship or in storage yards for stacking products on. Be as sure as you know where it has been. A number of years ago I got very sick. I got some nice big mahogany 6x6 boards left in a truck after a delivery. The truck driver is a friend and knew I carved. I cut off a 12 inch piece and set to work on it. I used a dust mask so I did not breathe much dust. The next day My hands were swollen and red and I was having trouble breathing, to make a long story short the lumber had come off a ship from South America and they use pesticides and other chemicals band here. It turned out to be expensive scrap. Over the years I have heard stories from other carvers that had issues with dunnage. It can be good source of wood just be careful. If you're not sure do not use it.
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