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I would like to show you my find,very rare cane-sword mark by KKK.

I bought this unique item at online-auction and would like to sell it.
It is a cane-dagger,which was popular protected weapon,back in a days,but the interesting thing is,that this cane has 2 sterling badges.
One says: Knight of Ku-Klux-Klan, and lower STERLING
Another content KKK simbol ( cross with a drop)

Cane dated: 1897

Measures: 37 inches

It is a very rare item and i spend several month for find something similar for put a right price on it.
And i did.
Similar cane was sold in the middle of 2016 for 3.500 $.
I`m asking 4.200 $ because of his rarety.

Of course i`m not support KKK, this this a historicly important item. We can like it or do not like it,but its our history.
Thanks for understanding.



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