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Less we forget.

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As you remember our Veterans think about these words written by a Canadian thinking of his retuning Vets. I retuned 50 year ago from Vietnam. I have talked to many vets fro tell today. This song tells a real story.

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It was remberance sunday here and it was very well supproted by people of al ages .It was armistace day today it seemed like the whole country stopped for two mins silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th mnth to rember the war vets from the 1st world war nearly 900,000 died .

but now remberance day is for all troops since the 1st world war

The was a installation sculpture around the tower of london with nearly 900,000 ceramic poppys to comemerate the fallen of the 1st world war . some 5 million people has vistited the site . the ceramic poppys are to sold of , in memory of all war vets. It has raised some 7 million pounds so far.

it seems that war vets are getting more recongnition now than ever which is a good thing

Rememberance day was commemerated all over Europe

Everone over here wears a red poppy in reconistion of there sacrifice and must say more people seem to wear them than not

But if you get a chance just look at the poppys around the tower of london on line its a amazing sight.
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