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LEWCA - a Bois d'Arc shillelagh by Bill Lewey

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I purchased this for my wife. I just described what I would like, if he could find it, and he did. The Osage Orange is beautifully finished, and she loves it. I am a satisfied customer.


Here is Bill's photo before he shipped it.

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Congrats! I liked when I first saw it -- I'm sure your wife will enjoy that!
Thanks Vance. I hope you and your wife have many adventurous hikes with it.
Congrats! I am sure that she will love that beauty!
Oh, that's the one got her, nice!
Thanks gents. She said she would never use something that looks like a cane. (Cat's out of the bag: she turns 65 next month.) But this wood is finished so beautifully, that she fell in love with it. On the other hand, perhaps she is thinking about the shilellagh aspect and how to keep me in line. :D

Next surprise will, I hope, be a nice one from Shawn C when his hand is healed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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