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looking for a carved walking stick

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Im looking for a hand carved walking stick w a fish carving design all through it,not only on the top or handle. My father is an avid fisherman and this would be a great gift to add to his vast collection. We live in Alabama. Im having problems finding local carvers with websites. If you know of any carvers who could complete such a task,the info would be greatly appreciated!
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You shouldnt have a problem finding anyone.I would offer my self but i am the other side of the atlantic but good luck
Google , carving clubs in Alabama. You can find carvers in the central and north part of the state. If you are in the Mobile area send me a massager with a Email address and I will try and help you. You can click on my picture, You will see message in the upper right of the page that comes up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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