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market stick

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Came across this on a face book site by a guy called Andrew Telford nice work


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I would like to make one eventually. First I'm going to make some easier handles and get a little experience though.

The carvings on the end of the hooks. At first I thought "pineapple" then I realized that they are actually thistles.

Change the shape just a little and you could have a snowman with a tophat. :)

All beautiful sticks but I think my favorite is the horn handled one with the blue ribbon.

You guys do some amazing things with horn. Until I started studying stickmaking I had no idea it could be bent and shaped like that.

I made a pair of powder horns from cow horns but I didn't shape them. I cut the wooden caps to fit instead.

A horn handle is another thing I really want to try someday.

another picture of a one piece crook in the making

one is a standard size the other a minature about 9 inches made by Nick Richards

Nice work both made from single piece of hazel .

Minature sticks seem to be popular at the moment could be just a Christmas thing but there nicely done .the most popular seem to be miniature rams horns and water buffalo horn crooks crooks

single piece crook in the making.jpg
single piece hazel crook.jpg
That's some nice work. I like his pencil too. I think it's the first non-manufactured pencil I've ever seen.

1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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