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market sticks

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a few sticks on the Facebook site handcrafted walking sticks

This guy is a very good stick maker check them out'


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Yes I did check them out he is very good!
I tried finding the facebook page a couple of times. Found lots of nic sticks, but none were those. Care to post a link?
Great looking hooks. I have marked out some walnut to do a hook. Need to get to work on it.
tried copying the link not to clever at it sorry

but just go to Facebook and type in handcrafted walking sticks.it should take you there
going to do some markets sticks myself

got some spalted beech hoping to laminate it between some American walnut to strengthen it,

they always look good .but they are time consuming but most stick makers put a good deal of time into them and they seem to command a higher price

Even tho a lot of people make them they are so different from each other and generally regarded as superior ;

they materials used for the crook varies so much from a wide range of wood to rams and buffalo horn.

they do give the most satisfaction to make
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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