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. . . years ago my twin sister offered to bring me hand crafted and carved canes from Africa. She had been there multiple times on mission trips and seen those craftsmen sitting on the sidewalks making and selling their wares. At first I was reluctant, for I was neither old nor crippled . . . but oh how that story has changed.

Then, I agreed but claimed I would call them walking sticks, certainly not canes, and kept them on display in our home. Other family members, as well as good friends, bought and brought me canes until my collection numbered more than thirty and they were all unique and different. And frankly I enjoyed showing them.

The time came when we decided to down size so I gave most of those canes away to our God blessed family. Our youngest grandson took the lion's share as well as the solid brass cane stand. (Pic a)

For several years the blue cane stand (Pic b) sat in the garage near the door. That was a huge mistake on my part - for it now has a rusty bottom.

(If you can relate, raise your hand).

During the summer of 2013 I "discovered" cane making . . . or perhaps it discovered me, I'm not certain. And like most of my projects it consumed me. (Just ask my family). As reported here countless times I was making canes almost 24/7. So needing a good place to store canes we purchased (Pic c) cane stand - now sitting in our kitchen. BTW those two shortest canes are for our walks to the mailbox with our two great granddaughters - 100% precious and priceless. Once cooler weather arrives, I would not be surprised if this stand is once again filled to capacity.

I/we have six wonderful grandchildren. And I have six-seven-eight < smile here > canes I'd rather not sell nor give away to anyone except family. Fortunately, we found an antique coal scuttle to store those keepers (Pic d). It's my current plan to leave them there.

Any questions?

BTW, my twin sister now lives in Africa, running an orphanage - so I value those canes she brought me.


ps - Isn't God good?!


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