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Cheers guys

really should have checked to see what species it was, but I just saw it there, hiding in the woods off of my drive way & ran for the hand saw....I must have passed it a zillion times,prolly looking at it without seeing it..I think it may be Beech, my woods have lots of Beech..When I stripped of the bark,which came off like peeling a banana, the wood was very white, but now after a couple of months getting an outdoor tan, it is turning a rather nice shade of buttery yellow.

It feels good in the hand, with the weight up top, n the 1" or so shaft.

I have this cool indian style turtle, silver n turquoise that I might put on the top, it s the exact size of the cut top....or I might try carving something for the top....I feel blessed to have found it...its awesome

cheers all

English Sid

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Love those. Something we never really see where I live is those kinds of saplings growing.
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