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My latest stick

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I would like to share my latest effort with forum members. The topper is stripy gum and the stick is river oak. Spacer is buffalo horn of course. I gave the bark a light sand and took the branch cutoffs right back to bare. Used Carbothane to seal.

The stick has aged only 3 months (we'll see what happens there). Note the pics were the right way up before attachment!

Anyway, here it is...


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Hi Mick, Well done. Nice looking topper.
I like it! It will be interesting to see if it does any more shrinking.
Its a well balanced thumb stick,the buffalo horn space gives the shank that bit extra,

The shape is very good with a nice finish and a good contrasting shank

See you use a power file to shape the buffalo horn it can be a aggresive tool but very handy for bone as well

good one
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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