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My newest creation

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Here before you is my latest endeavour . I just finished this minutes ago

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Nice one. A lot of character.
Thank you .

Character is what I was going for .

The wood is of Sand Live Oak , and after peeling and sanding i noticed the natural grain, and with that, used a torch to singe and char all along the natural shapes , and leave everything else surrounding alone the best I can.

After applying 3 generous coats of warm gloss polyurethane, the burn and char stood out very sharply.

The contrast is very handsome .
Looks like a good walking stick
Looks like a good walking stick
Yes , sir.

And also very sturdy and robust.

I have always found the Sand Live Oak to be such a dense and strong wood, partly, I only assume, because of the fibrous way in which the wood itself is formed .

Also, it is the quickest that I have found sofar on my walking stick-creating-journey, that dries in the kiln or in the air. At a certain temperature and humidity, i can get the moisture down to at least 8 % within 6 or 7 months.

And the natural finish is sharp... No need to stain (depending on the course any given project flows).

There is a certain philosophy , a certain creed of being that describes what we do here, and what the method of our 'madness' really is.

We take from God's creations , and then RE-create , in the form of that which pleases...

We are creators in our own right.
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Those are the kind I like to make. A natural stick with an added personnel accent.
I applaud all of y'all's comments, advice, and kudos. Thank you .

As it has been some time since I had replied here last, i will announce that i have made certain changes and upgrades if you will , and i give you now the updated version of what we have been following here.

I hope that you enjoy this, and i am open to any critique, and suggestions or opinions.
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Turned out great! Two toned leather grip? The extra bit with the beads and feather are a cool touch.
Nice finish. Well done.
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