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My Tee

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Ever so often I need to hold a cane shank vertically to work on the end. The problem has been at times I don't really want to crank down HARD/TIGHT with the vise or I might mar the cane, so how do I hold it tight while drilling/sawing/sanding (???)

My aged brain hasn't quite died - yet.

Check this . . .

Because the butt end of the shank is against that Tee, I can "clamp" the shank into the vise just enough to hold it upright. And that's the unit I use when drilling those "have-to-be-almost-perfect" end holes for future handles.

CAUTION: 81 year old genius at work.

I've ordered my sign to put out at the front of our driveway.


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I want my workshop as clean as that even the mat inside the conservatory door is covered in sawdust , and got handed a brush to clean it up with. How do you mange it.
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