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Nature 2, me 0?

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I have been keeping an eye on an old maple limb on my property that had half broken and was nearly on the ground but had survived to sprout some vertical limbs that were very good candidates for sticks but I had left them for the time being thinking to get back to them soon. I also had a Sorrel or Sourwood tree growing nearby that I had no designs on for anything but as it was the only one on my property I was glad to have it. It was fairly large and as it is a slow growing tree, also pretty old. Well the other night in the middle of a rain storm I heard a loud crack and a crashing sound and woke the next morning to see that the Sorrel had broken off about 10 feet off the ground and come down right on top of the maple crushing it into match sticks. I guess I can file this one under "Ya snooze, Ya lose" or "Never put off till tomorrow etc. etc" What are the odds? I just had to laugh.
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Thats sods law for you

No damage done to the property i hope
No damage cobalt, it's on a wooded hillside that has seen many such occurances. That part of the property is more vertical than horizontal and has huge woody vines that grow up into the trees and topple them from sheer weight. I live on the edge of a constantly encroaching jungle.
No damage to your property that is a plus anyway. Firewood perhaps?
Surely there has to be a stick in there somewhere?

I'm trying to get enough time set aside to get down to the Sourwood and cut it up but haven't gotten there yet. It is a good wood to burn but I have nothing to burn it in. A nice big fireplace is on my list of wants but don't know when that will happen.


Maybe when the dust settles, the smoke clears, and the bodies are buried, there may be a stick or two under the mess. At least I hope so.


Natural thumb sticks seem to be rare around here or at least I haven't found many. There is one that I had my eye on but I think it may be too short to be usefull and I noticed this spring that it is dead so may be a lost cause. I suppose that one could train any tree with opposite branching but I haven't gotten around to that yet. Dogwood comes to mind but they grow really slow.
There must be some branches you could cut of and use as a topper on a shank .theres nothing like a thumb stick to use.it dosnt have to be part of the shank.putting different woods together does provide a nice contrast . must admit though i struggle to find nice ones. with the diameter i want,
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