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So being new to carving I get to wondering about where I'm going to get my wood from, apart from the lumber yard. When I visited the csrving club last week one old timer advised me "ask your friends, friends of friends, they might have a few bits lying about they don't want".

I took him at his word and posted on Facebook to my friends, and bless him one friend has come through for me with a promise of more to come. He is a builder by trade and turned up with a piece of roughsawn oak, approx. 8"x8"x4" which if I don't carve will make perhaps a couple of handles, and also a piece of mahogany which again has the possibility of a couple of handles.

He got them from a customer where he has done lots of oak beam work with, so he says, more to come.

Apparently the customer is an old farmer whose family in decades past operated a portable horizontal band saw for cutting timber on site. The old boy has planks of seasoned oak as wide as an arm span, a good four inches thick and plenty long, and by all accounts he isn't parting with them!

Still, one lives in hope!

So there you go, just ask you might be surprised!
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