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Hey ! Name's Jean-Tristan, I'm from France and I'm 22.
Since a long time I like wood carving. I made a lot of simple walking stick, but above all two carved walking stick ( in fact 3 but I lost one before it's finished) and few others carved objects : spoons and forks, knife handle, axe handle... but it's off topic here !
Walking stick are amazing object. As a rover scout and a walker, my stick accompanies me everywhere : in scout camp, hiking, Compostela path and other adventures.

I have some project ideas for new walking sticks... I just nead to found the time for it !

I hope found here answer to my futures questions. And, why not, share my creations for advices :)

Happy to be there

PS: I hope the wording used is proper (English is not my native language...It's difficult !)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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